Why Blogging is Important for Your Online Course Business

If you have been following Click Trainers for a while and have attended my webinars, by now you would know that I’m a huge advocate of using paid advertising to quickly get your online course business off and running.

Yes, paid advertising is risky but its undoubtedly the quickest way to get things going.

But that doesn’t mean that you should not be simultaneously carrying out other important activities which can make sure you get traffic to your website in the long term.

One such activity is Blogging.

Blogging is a part of Content Marketing, which refers to creating content that helps you market your brand and achieve your ultimate goals (in our case, selling online courses).

Writing and maintaining a blog can be a tedious task, not just because it involves researching and writing good quality content but because it works very slowly as compared to paid advertising.

When you write articles, it will take time for search engines like Google to index and rank them to a position where they start to generate organic traffic for you. The term Organic traffic refers to traffic that comes to you free of cost.

That ultimately means that once you start to get a good amount of organic traffic to your website, you can start to achieve your ultimate goals (selling your online courses) at no cost at all.

This is unlike paid advertising, where you are hoping that the amount of money that you put in the ads is lesser than what you make from the sales of your online courses.

A blog always doesn’t have to be written content. You can also make video blogs (called vlog), for which you’ll primarily be using a platform like YouTube. Or you can do both. Make videos as well as write content on your website. But the point will remain the same – It will take time for you to start seeing the results of these efforts.

But here’s the best part about blogging – Once you write or create a good piece of content, it stays on your website forever. That means if you did things correctly, that piece of content will bring you organic traffic again and again. Sometimes you might have to revisit that article and update it but overall, it’s a one time effort that will keep bringing you results forever.

And that right there is the power of content marketing – Put in the work once and enjoy the benefits forever.

There are also a lot of other benefits of blogging like:

Improves your website ranking on search engines

Search engines like Google like websites that are not static. They like websites which are updated regularly. Blogging presents a great way to update your website with fresh content. The higher your website ranks for different keywords on these search engines, the more organic traffic you will get.

Improves your relationship with your students/customers

Detailed and quality content which helps your students and solves their problems is bound to improve your brand image in the eyes of your students.

They will trust you more and this in turn will result in more sales of your online courses. Remember, blogging is not just to satisfy the search engines. One of the primary reasons to blog is to write about topics that your students are interested in.

Even the comments section below a blog article is a great way to interact with your students and build your relationship with them.

Better Conversion Rates for your Online Course

When you start to get traffic from your blogging efforts, one of the things you’ll see is that the traffic that comes organically usually has a higher conversion rate.

That’s because these are people who searched for something on Google on their own and therefore were already in need of your content. They are coming to you on their own instead of you going to them (like in Facebook ads). Such people are bound to convert at a higher rate.

Here is an example to understand this. Let’s say you are running a cafe. You are trying to convince everyone who is passing by to try your coffee. A lot of them will reject you since they never had the need of a coffee. They were just passing by your cafe. But a person who comes to your cafe on their own will almost surely purchase something from you since they came there on their own as they had a need. The only thing is that your cafe needs to be visible to them. Blogging makes your “cafe” visible.

Improves your own expertise in your online course niche

When you are faced with the task of writing a good quality blog article or create a detailed video, you’ll often find yourself researching about the topic that you intend to write the blog on.

You will perform different tasks related to researching like reading other blog articles on the same subject and watching videos related to that topic.

This will not just allow you to fine tune your article but will also make you more knowledgeable about your niche.

Helps you find keywords that your potential students are searching for

When you go more advanced into blogging, you’ll start to use tools like UberSuggest to do some keyword search.

This will help you understand what exactly are your potential students typing in search engines like Google when they are searching for online courses related to your niche. This will give you more ideas on what to write about in your blog and also what content to include in your online courses.

Adds content to your Email Marketing

To keep your Email subscribers engaged with your brand, you will need a lot of different type of content.

Sending only promotional emails is the fastest way to make people unsubscribe.

Instead sending educational and informative content to your students can do wonders for your brand. And sending links to your blog content via email achieves exactly that.

Makes you a better writer

If you want to be a successful Online entrepreneur, you can’t escape one thing – which is writing content.

Whether it’s writing promotional content for your sales pages (called Copywriting) or creating content for your online courses or writing content for your social media posts, writing good content which is grammatically correct and can convey the point you want to make is very important. Blogging forces you to become better at this invaluable skill.

Makes you an authority in your niche

Once your blog becomes popular, it’s not just your prospective students who will get attracted to you. You will also start to get the attention of other influencers and this can have a huge impact on improving your network.

That in turn can offer lot of opportunities to collaborate with other people and help you to leverage their own audience via guest post opportunities, interview opportunities and long term joint ventures.

This was just a general article where my main emphasis was to communicate the importance of creating content. I hope that now you are convinced that it’s an activity that you should always be doing along with whatever else you are doing for your online course business.

I intend to write more detailed articles which will cover this topic in depth where I’ll show you the step by step process of creating good quality blog content, right from keyword research to writing the final output.

If you have any questions related to blogging, do leave them in the comments box below.

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