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Create your first ever Online Course and develop a successful Online Coaching Business so you can teach via Video-Based Online Courses and Webinars and Quit Your 9-6 Job Forever to Become Your Own Boss

Online Course LaunchPad

The Fastest Way to Create & Launch a Profitable Online Course


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Total Hours of Content

This is a comprehensive Online Course that is structured into 5 weeks and consists of 50 videos with a total duration of 22 hours

The purpose of this course is to help you create and launch your first ever online course even if you have no prior knowledge. It is structured in such a detailed and step-by-step manner that as you progress through each week, you will see your Online Course build right in front of your eyes almost like a building being constructed. 

With a robust Support Platform, Assignments, Resources and a lot of other amazing features, this really is a one-stop course for beginners as well as advanced coaches who want to live a life of freedom and flexibility by becoming their own boss and saying good-bye to their 9-6 job forever.

Week 1- Creating the Course Foundations

Total length of the videos in this week - 3 hours 32 minutes 

Video 1 (8 min)

Welcome Video and Course Walkthrough

Video 2 (22 min)

How to Choose Your Perfect Niche (Field of Teaching) Even if Your Don't Know What to Teach

Video 3 (24 min)

How to Narrow Down Your Niche to Something Specific

Video 4 (32 min)

10 Marketing Validation Techniques to see if your course has demand in the market and the potential to sell

Video 5 (18 min)

How to Create an Exciting Course Topic - The 4 Elements Method

Video 6 (15 min)

How to Choose the Correct Format and Length of Your Online Course

Video 7 (16 min)

Different Types of Online Courses and their Price Points

Video 8 (30 min)

Understanding the Important Concept of an Online Course Validation Funnel

Video 9 (23 min)

Different Types and Qualities of a Great Lead Magnet Course

Video 10 (24 min)

How to use a CHEAT Funnel to Launch Your Online Course Idea in less than 24 hours

Week 2- Creating the Course Architecture (Website & Marketing System)

Total length of the videos in this week - 2 hours 48 minutes

Video 1 (11 min)

Overview of How to Create a Website for Your Online Coaching Business

Video 2 (10 min)

Buying a Domain Name for your Website

Video 3 (13 min)

Buying a Hosting Service for your Website 

Video 4 (12 min)

Connecting the Domain with Hosting and Installing WordPress to Create the Website

Video 5 (12 min)

Making some Important Changes in Our New WordPress Website

Video 6 (41 min)

Creating the Important Website Pages Using a Page Building Plugin (Using our Ready-to-Use Templates)

Video 7 (40 min)

Integrating an Email Marketing Software With Our Website

Video 8 (13 min)

Creating a Professional Domain Based Business Email ID

Video 9 (16 min)

Giving the Finishing Touches to Our WordPress Website

Week 3- Creating the Course Content

Total length of the videos in this week - 2 hours 49 minutes

Video 1 (43 min)

The Easiest and the Fastest Way to Create Videos Using a Free Software

Video 2 (26 min)

Creating Videos Using Your Smart Phone or DSLR/Mirrorless Camera

Video 3 (43 min)

Editing Your Videos Using a Free Software

Video 4 (8 min)

How to Create Instructional Diagrams Using a Digital White Board

Video 5 (49 min)

How to use ZOOM to Conduct a Webinar

Week 4 - Using Facebook Ads to Get Traffic (Latest 2021 method)

Total length of the videos in this week - 3 hours 39 minutes

Video 1 (10 min)

Introduction to How Facebook Ads Work

Video 2 (22 min)

Creating a Brand New Facebook Ad Account - The Complete Set Up

Video 3 (20 min)

Setting up the Facebook Pixel, Adding it to the Website and Creating a Conversion Event

Video 4 (38 min)

Creating the Facebook ad for your Online Course - Part 1

Video 5 (41 min)

Creating the Facebook ad for your Online Course - Part 2

Video 6 (29 min)

Analyzing the Facebook Ad Metrics and Understanding What to Aim For

Video 7 (35 min)

Creating Custom Audiences and Retargeting Ads

Video 8 (24 min)

Understanding and Creating Lookalike Audiences to Take Your Ads to the next level

Week 5 - Delivering and Monetizing Your Course

Total length of the videos in this week - 3 hours 08 minutes

Video 1 (17 min)

Different Options for Main Course Offers and Pre-Selling Your Course

Video 2 (6 min)

Accessing Your Main Online Course Website Landing Page Template

Video 3 (12 min)

Online Course Advanced Marketing Funnel - Part 1

Video 4 (13 min)

Online Course Advanced Marketing Funnel - Part 2

Video 5 (12 min)

Webinar Marketing Funnel and The Exact Webinar Funnel I Use Myself

Video 6 (13 min)

Different Webinar Registration Methods, Attendance Rates and Conversion Rate

Video 7 (39 min)

How to Use Zapier to Integrate Different Apps to Automate Your Funnel (Zapier and Instamojo)

Video 8 (12 min)

Different Options of Hosting and Delivering Your Online Course and Which One Should You Use?

Video 9 (16 min)

Using a Learning Management System (LMS) to Host and Deliver Your Online Course - Part 1

Video 10 (21 min)

Using a Learning Management System (LMS) to Host and Deliver Your Online Course - Part 2

Video 11 (12 min)

Important Things to do to Improve Your Online Coaching Business

Video 12 (15 min)

Conclusion and Some Important Points to Remember

Bonus Courses

You also get these amazing bonus videos for FREE.

The total length of all these bonus videos is 5 hours 18 min

Bonus #1

How to use Elementor to create professional website pages (56 minutes)

Bonus #2

How to Use ConvertKit for Email Marketing (67 minutes)

Bonus #3

How to Use Canva for to create professional designs (63 minutes)

Bonus #4

How to Use Bandicam for Screen Recording (38 minutes)

Bonus #5

How to Use DaVinci Resolve for Video Editing (51 minutes)

Bonus #6

How to Use Mailchimp for Email Marketing (43 minutes)

The Most Unique Thing About this Course..

We show FREE or Cheap tools and software

We don't tell you to buy unnecessary and expensive software like Click Funnels or Camtasia. Most of the other coaches tell you to buy all these luxury tools because they get an affiliate income when you purchase such tools.

Instead, we show you free or cheap tools and software at every step. That's because we want to teach you how run a coaching business in the correct manner by keeping your fixed costs low. Unless 100% necessary, we never tell you spend money on any expensive software. 

You will be see more details about this in the FAQ section below.

Some Amazing Features of this Course

Support Platform

Have a doubt? Just post it on our amazing support platform anytime and get an answer from Kush. Our support platform is structured in such a way that you will also be able to see other people's doubts and the answers to them.


Multiple practical assignments throughout the course make sure you actually take the steps.

Website Page Templates

We don't just show you how to build your website pages. We actually give you pre-designed templates that can be installed with one click.

Personalized Certificate

Once you complete all the assignments inside the course, you become eligible to receive a personalized certificate

Facebook Ad Copy Designing

We show you different resources and walkthroughs on how to get professional looking Facebook ad images for your campaigns which are specially geared towards Online Course Creators.


Every video comes with a Resources section. This contains all the important links and other important stuff that is discussed in the video and makes sure you don't have to hunt for things on your own.

Becoming an Affiliate and Earning by Referral

The buyers of this course can become affiliates of this course and earn 60% of the sale amount by referring this course. This enables our buyers to instantly create a stream of income without having their own course.

Access to 1-1 Coaching

Kush's 1-1 coaching (not free) is  available to the buyers of this course at 1/4th of the usual price. 

First call/discounts for premium services

The buyers of this course always get the first call for booking their seats for our future advanced webinars/courses and any other service. VIP treatment is guaranteed for the buyers of this course.

Lifetime Updates

This course gets updated continuously. We keep adding more videos. You will always be notified whenever the course is updated.

What you get when you purchase

Lifetime Access to All the Videos

You get access to all the videos for LIFETIME. There is no expiry.

Instant Access to All the Videos

You get access to the all the videos INSTANTLY. There is no waiting period.

One-time payment. No hidden costs

This is a one-time payment. You NEVER have to pay again and there are NO HIDDEN COSTS.

How to Buy

Follow the steps below and get instant access to this course in less than 30 seconds

Step 1

Click on the big BUY NOW button below and a payment form will open up. Fill up the form and complete the payment.

Step 2

Once the payment completes, you will automatically be redirected to a page where you will be asked to create a password. Create a password. After that you will be automatically redirected to the page which has all the course videos.

Step 3

That's it. You can start watching the videos. Your login ID, password and the link to login will automatically be mailed to you instantly so you can save that to login to the course platform every time.

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You can also mail us anytime on for any queries. We will be happy to help you.

Here's what the buyers of this course are saying

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About Your Trainer (Kush Sharma)

Hello there. This is your trainer, Kush Sharma.

I'm an Online Entrepreneur and a Coach for aspiring Online Coaches.

My own online courses have been downloaded in over 150 countries I have served over 40,000 students.

I have been an entrepreneur in the education industry since 2013 and during this time I have taught thousands and thousands of students via my online courses, live webinars and physical workshops.

My mission is to break down the complexity involved in the process of launching an online course and make it so easy that even a complete beginner can successfully become an online coach in the least amount of time.

Wishing you all the luck!


If you have any questions that are not mentioned below, feel free to use the button below to have a LIVE chat with us via Facebook Messenger. We will be glad to help you out.


Do I get lifetime access?

Yes, you get lifetime access to all the videos. There is no expiry.


Do I get all the videos in one go or is it scheduled by time?

You get all the videos in one go. But for best results, it's highly recommended that you go in the same sequence as shown in the course, ie, from Week 1 to Week 5.


Are there any hidden costs?

No, not at all. You will never have to pay again. We are very transparent in our business. 


Can I see any demo videos?

Right on top of this page, you will find the Welcome video. That video will give you an idea of what's inside this course and also about the quality of the videos in this course. I don't like to make very fancy videos. My focus is always on the quality of the content.


What if I have any doubts while following the course?

Our support platform is built-in within the course platform itself. Under each video, there is a place to ask doubts. There is also a public forum where you can ask your doubts. I myself answer your questions. And the best part is that it is structured in such a way that you will be able to see other people's doubts and answers to them too.


Will I have to buy very expensive tools and software to launch my online course?

No, this is where my course is very different. Wherever possible, I show you FREE or very cheap tools and software to perform the various tasks for your online coaching business. For example, most of my competitors are telling their students to buy unnecessary expensive software like Click Funnels which can cost you $97/month. They mainly do that because they get an affiliate commission when their students purchase such expensive tools. It's just not needed.

I only show you what is 100% needed. That is because the number one rule of any business is to keep the fixed costs (recurring costs) as low as possible, at least in the initial stages. Buying expensive tools can put you under a lot of stress and that can make you hate your business. 

I like to teach in a way that reflects reality. I like to teach you in a way that keeps you stress free. Even when I do show you a tool/software that can be a bit on the pricey side, I also make sure to show you an alternative which is either free or very cheap so you always have options with you.


Is this for all type of coaches?

Yes, absolutely. As long as you have a passion for teaching and want to turn your knowledge into an online course or a live coaching service, then this course will be perfect for you.

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