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In this FREE webinar for trainers, you will learn the entire process and the exact truth of creating and launching your first ever Online Course by learning about the 7 steps you need to take to launch a profitable Online Course. The most HONEST webinar you will ever attend.

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    What will you learn in this webinar?

    The Exact Steps to Launch Your First Online Course (The Exact Funnel)

    In the digital marketing world, these steps are referred to as a FUNNEL. I will be teaching you all these steps. Learning about these steps is very important because you will come to know the exact map and process you need to follow to launch a successful online course, right from the first step to the last.

    Crucial Mistakes Beginner Online Coaches Make 

    When you are starting out, you can make some very crucial mistakes which can cost you a lot of money and time if you try to fix them later. Learning about these mistakes right now will save you a lot of frustration.

    All the Tools and Software You Need (Most of them FREE)

    In this free webinar for trainers, I will be showing you all the important tools and software you need to launch a profitable online course. The best part is that I will be showing you free tools and software that are very rare and not many people know about. Using these free software can save you almost Rs.30,000/month.

    All the Skills You Need to Become a Successful Online Coach

    Running a successful Online Coaching business means you have to get good with certain skills. These include - The ability to create videos, doing webinars, running Facebook ads, understanding marketing automation, using website page building software, etc. I will be discussing these in detail in the webinar.

    You also get these FREE Bonuses

    These are only given to the people who attend the webinar

    Bonus #1

    Tools & Software I use myself

    A list of all the tools, software and video & audio equipment I use for running my own Online Coaching Business.

    Bonus #2

    Facebook Ad Templates for Online Coaches

    A list of 15 Facebook ad images with designs that are specifically meant for online course creators

    Bonus #3

    Niche Discovery Checklist

    This document will help you discover your niche (Field of teaching) and narrow it down to something specific.

    free webinar for trainers

    About Your Trainer (Kush Sharma)

    Hello there. This is your trainer, Kush Sharma.

    I'm an Online Entrepreneur and a Coach for aspiring Online Coaches.

    My own online courses have been downloaded in over 150 countries and I have taught over 40,000 students.

    I have been an entrepreneur in the education industry since 2013 and during this time I have taught thousands and thousands of students via my online courses, live webinars and physical workshops.

    My mission is to break down the complexity involved in the process of launching an online course and make it so easy that even a complete beginner can successfully become an online coach in the least amount of time.

    I have created this free webinar for trainers who want to learn how exactly the process of creating and selling online courses works.

    Wishing you all the luck!

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