Work One on One with me and take your Online Coaching Business to the NEXT LEVEL

My one on one sessions follow a pay-as-you-go model and are customized according to your exact needs.

My sessions follow a pay-as-you-go model. Which means that I don't require you to commit to me for 2-3 months. You can literally book even one session as per your need.

This approach saves you money (and stress) and saves me time (and stress).

IMPORTANT: If you haven't purchased my course Online Course Launchpad, then the price is 4X as seen below. That's because I only want to work with people who are serious and are already knowledgeable about the basics. You can check out this course by using the button below:

Pricing for 60 Minutes 1-1 Session

For Online COurse Launchpad Buyers

60 minutes one on one session on Zoom or Phone


For Non-Buyers

60 minutes one on one session on Zoom or Phone


Pricing for 90 Minutes 1-1 Session

For Online COurse Launchpad Buyers

90 minutes one on one session on Zoom or Phone


For Non-Buyers

90 minutes one on one session on Zoom or Phone


IMPORTANT: If you have purchased Online Course Launchpad, please use the same email while paying for the session as I will be verifying the email. And also if you haven't purchased Online Course Launchpad, only book via the non-buyer option. If you book via the discounted buyer option, I will run away with your money and not show up for the session LOL!

What all can be covered in this session

It's recommended you choose only one specific topic per session for better results. 

Niche Clarity 

I can help you find the perfect narrow niche for you.

Marketing Funnel Audit 

I can audit your current funnel and help you develop the perfect funnel for you online course.

Website Audit 

I can audit your website and offer you tips on how to improve it.

Facebook Ads 

I can review your Facebook ads and help you make them more targeted, better looking and more effective.

Webinar Marketing

I can help you develop the perfect webinar marketing strategy.

Course Creation or Video Making 

I can help you in your course creation and video making process.

Lead magnet 

I can help you come up with the perfect lead magnet for your niche

Course Hosting and Delivery

I can help you find the perfect way to host and deliver your course.

Email Marketing  

I can help you develop a great email marketing campaign for your online course.

Course Curriculum, Structure and Pricing 

I can audit your current course structure and pricing and offer tips to make it more optimized and practical.

Social media strategy

I can help you develop the perfect social media strategy for your online coaching business.

Personal Motivation  

I can help you solve any personal motivation issues or doubts you have regarding going into entrepreneurship. 

Book your session in 3 easy steps

See the video at the top to actually see these steps

Make the payment

Choose the type of session you want above and make the payment using the payment button.

Book your time and date

Once your payment is done, you will automatically be redirected to my Calendly page where you can book the time and date of your session and you will also get the link to the Zoom meeting.

We meet on Zoom

I will also ping you on WhatsApp confirming your booking and then give you one reminder before the event.

If you have any queries, you always get in touch with me by sending an email to

About Your Trainer (Kush Sharma)

Hello there. This is your trainer, Kush Sharma.

I'm an Online Entrepreneur and a Coach for aspiring Online Coaches.

My own online courses have been downloaded in over 150 countries.

I have been an entrepreneur in the education industry since 2013 and during this time I have taught thousands and thousands of students via my online courses, live webinars and physical workshops.

My mission is to break down the complexity involved in the process of launching an online course and make it so easy that even a complete beginner can successfully become an online coach in the least amount of time.

Wishing you all the luck!


100% No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don't feel my session helped you, simply send me an email on after the session (or mention it during the session) and I will refund your money without asking any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I mention what topic I want to cover in the session?

After you have made the payment, you will be redirected to my Calendar to book your session. Once your book your date and time, you will be redirected to a form where you can mention the topic you want consultation on. 


Where does the session take place?

The session takes place on Zoom. But in case you wish to have a simple phone/WhatsApp call, then you can mention that when I will send you the confirmation of your booking on WhatsApp.


Can I choose multiple topics in one session?

You can but it's not advisable. It's best to choose one specific topic that can be covered in the duration of the session. Choosing multiple topics can mean we might have to continue in another session.


What if I am not able to attend the session?

If you cancel the session before 24 hours of appointment, you will get a full refund or the option to reschedule. You can always mail us on to cancel or reschedule.


What if we are unable to cover the topic in one session?

Then we will book another session. That's why it's important that you select a precise problem that you genuinely believe can be resolved in the duration of the session that you are choosing and booking. If you are unsure, you can mail me on and I will let you know if the issue you are facing can be resolved in one session or not.