This is the age of Solopreneurs

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Can you feel the change around you?


Big companies are not able to cope up. Cost cutting seems to be the hot topic!

Because this pandemic has revealed one major truth about work, which is, LESS IS MORE!

  • There is no need of fancy coffee machines
  • There is no need of fancy glossy glass buildings
  • There is no need of fancy formal clothes
  • There is no need of fancy useless meetings
  • There is no need of fancy inflexible timings
  • There is no need of fancy protocols

There is only the need of one thing – of delivering value!

How it is delivered does not matter as long as it is delivered!

The same change will hit the outdated education industry soon. Here’s what will happen:

Traditional colleges and universities with physical classes will soon be extinct.

Because they simply won’t be able to keep up with competitors offering online courses.

Because the online education model gives one MASSIVE advantage – it is scalable with very less cost!

And it can be done BY A SINGLE PERSON!

Automation is your new employee!

And this employee doesn’t care about Employee of the Month award or appraisals!
This employee works 24/7 without asking anything in return!

This employee will enable you to create the company of your dreams all by yourself!

I am soon going to complete 10 years in entrepreneurship and I have NEVER had a single HUMAN employee!

And I have done all this with just a laptop and internet and wearing bermudas and slippers and working from cafes!

It’s not easy but it’s simple!

And you can do it too!

So are you going to wait?

Or are you going to take advantage of this massive shift!
The choice is yours!


Kush Sharma

Click Trainers

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