What Entrepreneurs Don’t Tell You..

Today I want to tell you about something that most entrepreneurs don’t talk about.

When you hear their stories, they always tell you how well they are doing and how they started from scratch to reach where they are today.

But they never tell you about one important thing – about their support system when they got started.

They don’t tell you about that because that makes their story less exciting.

The truth is that most entrepreneurs start with a lot of support systems in place, like financial support from family, an established network, a chunk of savings, inherited affluence, partner support, etc.

I hardly know any entrepreneur who has truly started things from scratch.

Most of the entrepreneurs had a good safety net and know very well that if they fail, they certainly won’t find themselves on the road.

That gives them a HUGE advantage.

I’m telling you this because even I started off with a great support system because my family fully supported me in my entrepreneurial journey.

For example, back in 2014, when I knew I wanted to take Creative Pad Media (my photography online course business) to the next level, I knew that I had to upgrade my camera from a semi-DSLR to a proper DSLR. I knew I needed Rs.92,000 to achieve this. I did not have that kind of money in my savings. I asked my dad and he immediately handed me his credit card and within a few hours I had the camera in my hands. I even tried to pay him back the money in installments of Rs.9000. I only paid for the first three months and then I conveniently “forgot” about it. My dad obviously never even asked for it.

But the point is that I was easily able to get the camera without much struggle.

That’s why I never consider myself someone who started Creative Pad Media from scratch. Because that would only be true if I had done some other work in order to save money and buy the camera myself.

But I’m not ashamed about it either. People have different kind of advantages and the support of my family has been mine.

The bigger point I’m trying to make is that never get brainwashed by someone’s story. There is always a catch in that story which they will never tell you about.

Even when it comes to your own story, you don’t have to “suffer”. If you have a support system in place, take full advantage of that.

This all is not just restricted to entrepreneurs. Let’s take the example of Shahrukh Khan. He mentioned it himself that his father had contacts in the industry that helped him when he was starting out. You never get to hear this side of the story. I’m not taking anything away from his success. He’s a great inspiration to so many people and rightly so. But the fact is that even he had a support system in place in the form of a good network.

That’s why during my webinars, I always tell my students to NOT quit their jobs when they are starting out their online training business. An assured salary is a great support system in itself. If you don’t have family support, then that salary will help you to be less stressed when you are building your business.

Remember this – A business has to be started in an enjoyable manner and not in a stressed manner. A safety net allows you to enjoy the process.

Never feel guilty about any kind of support system. Be proud of it.

I hope this tip helps you. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    1. good .

      I am working with stressed manner because i lost my job due to covid .

      what to do ?

      I Have to do …right …at any cost or any point in time…

      1. That’s quite unfortunate and I wish you all the luck! At the cost of sounding a bit philosophical, not having a choice is also a kind of a support system because you have nothing to lose. At the same time, try to think out of the box to see if you can get some kind of support system. If it’s not possible, then go in with all your might and I’m sure you’ll have a great chance of starting a successful business.

    2. Very nice and useful tips. Kush, you always tell different things but very precious. Thank you!

    3. I took premature Retirement from Air Force in the rank of Wing Commander after 24 years service in Logistics Branch to start an Engineering ancillary machine-shop business in Pune. i would not have even thought of that had I Not earned my Pension.
      Thank You Indian Air Force : You are my Second Mom !
      I agree with every word of your Post.
      Kush You are Doing a great Service in guiding young people on the right path.
      All the Best.
      By the way ,now at 83, I have purchased your Online Course Blue Print to learn something new!

      1. WOW! That’s incredible sir! First and foremost, thanks for your valuable service to our country. Thanks for your kind words and it’s always an honour to have anyone associated with the armed forces. I wish you all the luck in your business and hope that you enjoy the Online Course Blueprint course. You’re an inspiration to all the young people out there!

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