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A lesson in keeping your online business simple (Heart vs Mind)

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Yesterday I learnt a lesson which I have learned a lot of times in the past in my entrepreneurial journey.

It’s got to do with how we take our decisions.

As an online entrepreneur, you will be often presented with a lot of choice when it comes to tools, software and methods of implementation for your online coaching business.

Yesterday I had a very successful Facebook ads campaign going on.

I was really happy with it in the morning.

Then while browsing the internet, I happened to read about a social proof plugin called NotificationX.

It’s a social proof plugin which creates small notifications on your landing page where the conversions are taking place.

For example, if I’m selling a product, it will start displaying notifications like “XXXX puchased this product XXXX time ago“.

This generates more trust about your product because it shows that other people are buying it.

The article that I was reading mentioned that a social proof plugin like this can boost conversions by 30%.

That got my attention.

I decided to purchase NotificationX since it was only $39.

But something did not feel right.

My heart was telling me – “Kush, please don’t buy it. This plugin will create a lot of headaches for you. You’re having such a nice morning. Your campaign is already doing well. Let’s just relax and enjoy the day.

But then my mind chimed in – “Kush, forget about relaxing. Just imagine 30% increase in conversions. So what if your day goes in stress in implementing this plugin? At the end of the day you will be happy. Just imagine how your ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) will shoot up. After that you can relax.”

I decided to ignore the heart and follow my mind.


Right from the second I purchased this plugin, everything went downhill.

First of all, the way these people gave access to this plugin was so confusing.

Secondly, the plugin DID NOT WORK FOR ME!!!

Not until 4 extra hours of tweaking around things and contacting their support.

My whole day went from being amazing to an utterly frustrating one.

When I finally got things to work, I realized that those notifications look so bad that they will probably destroy the user experience on my landing page.

I ended up deleting the plugin.

I did not even bother asking for the refund because I was so drained out and frustrated.

But what was the lesson here?


Your heart always knows the truth.

Your heart can see into the future.

Your heart wants to keep things simple.

But the mind is always greedy.

The heart lives in the present but the mind always lives in the future,

The heart knows that simplicity is the way.

The lesson here to start listening to your instinct and gut more.

Start trusting it more because it always points you to something that is simple and less stressful.

More choice is not always a good thing.

The more simple you keep things, the more energy you will preserve and the happier you will be running your business.

With each passing year of being an entrepreneur, the one thing that I believe more and more is that your business has to feel EASY, not difficult.

And the best part about this is that once you start keeping things simple in your business, this aspect starts to seep into your personal life also.

I hope this experience helps you.

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