Why “Follow Your Passion” is NOT good advice

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Next year I will be completing 10 years as an entrepreneur and one of the common reactions when I tell this to people is – “Wow Kush, you are lucky you have been able to do something you are passionate about.

They could not be more wrong.

Back in late 2012 when I was starting out, even I believed that I wanted to do something I was passionate about.

But by 2015, I had received quite a number from checks.

What kind of checks?

Not the types that fill your bank account.

I am talking about reality checks.

The reality is that your passions can and will change.

So if you based your work solely around your passion, things can get tough for you.

I was a photographer and it’s one of those fields that comes to the mind first when someone talks about passion.

But trust me, even photography gets boring after some time.

That’s how we humans are.

We change.

But entrepreneurship is not a child’s game.

If you stop being passionate, will you stop working?

Your passion can go away but your bills won’t.

How will you pay those bills?

That’s why the number one priority should always be making money.

That should be your passion.

Till the time you don’t have a steady supply of money that guarantees a comfortable life, you should work even if you don’t feel like working.

If that means you have to keep doing a dead end job, you do it.

I know this sounds a bit negative but if you have followed me for sometime, you would know that I’m a real coach, not a fake guru.

That’s why I like to give real life advice.

Money is the most important thing you can be passionate about because it makes other passions possible.

There is nothing wrong with thinking about a passionate life but when you do, a better approach is to think and plan by taking into account your whole life, not just your work.

Because even if you find your passion but outside of work your life is miserable, you will soon lose that passion for work also.

On my left calf, I have got the word “Totality” tattooed.

That is to remind me of always taking every decision by keeping the total life in mind.

Once you develop that ability, things will not get easier but you will start to get more meaning because you would be able to push through even when times get tough or your work seems boring.

So work on making your whole life a passion.

Because that is the ultimate passion which you will never get bored of.


Kush Sharma

Click Trainers

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