How to take tough decisions

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Do you struggle with taking decisions?

I used to be like that too.

In fact let me tell you a story.

Back in 2013 when I was starting my photography education business, I was confused about what to name it.

I narrowed it down to two choices:

  • Kush Sharma Photography.com
  • Creative Pad Photography.com

But between these two, I could not decide for MONTHS. I was going crazy.

So I decided to see a Jyotish.

Can you believe that?

I decided to see a freaking astrologer just to choose a name for my business.

Even the astrologer was shocked. He said – “People come to me for career, marriage, etc. This is the first time someone is coming to me for a domain name.

I told him – “By the way things are going, choosing the correct digital marketing strategy will be more important than choosing the correct partner. So get used to it.” (I was not wrong, was I?)

Anyway, he told me to go with Creative Pad Photography.

But little did he know that I was not a superstitious person and the only reason I had come to him was so I could see his choice and then do the opposite.

So I chose Kush Sharma Photography.

Obviously that was still a small decision as compared to what we can face in life. So I knew I had to become better at this art.

Apart from the usual strategies like listing down the pros and cons, considering the worst possible outcome,etc., here are two other strategies that helped me a lot:

1. The strategy of not making a decision at all

Trust me, this is a very under-rated strategy.

A lot of times when we are faced with a tough decisions, we always think of A or B.

But there is also a C.

C is not to take any decision at all.

Because that is also a decision.

And this is my favorite strategy because it fits well with my lazy personality.

But it’s very effective.

Because from what I have seen, a lot of problems simply disappear on their own if you just let time take care of them.

In fact I used this strategy to solve one of the biggest and serious dilemmas of my life which I thought would never be solved.

But it did.

Simply because I took the decision of not taking any decision.

Maybe one day I will be vulnerable enough to tell you what exactly that issue was.

2. The strategy of courage

So while the first strategy is my favorite, sometimes you might be required to take A or B. C wouldn’t be feasible.

In that case, the answer is courage.

Not the courage to take the decision, but the courage to face the consequences.

What you have to understand is that we cannot foresee the future.

A may be good/bad. B may be good/bad.

No one knows.

So it’s best to detach yourself from the outcome and instead tell yourself -“Whatever comes from this decision, I will accept it. But I am going to make the choice. I don’t care whether it will be good or bad. I just know that I will accept the consequences because it’s my decision.”

Now it does not matter whether your decision is correct or not. That is not important because you have already accepted responsibility. You have superseded both A and B by becoming unconditional.

I used this strategy last year when I decided to start Click Trainers. Because I already had an existing business, it was not an easy decision since I was starting from scratch.

Some nights I would get palpitations and anxiety and I would get a little scared.

But I told myself -“This is what I wanted and if palpitations or anxiety or something much more serious are the consequences, then I will accept it. It’s the price to pay for taking the decision.”

Using both these strategies has made me much better at taking decisions and has improved my overall life quality.

And I hope it helps you too.

By the way, I ultimately did end up discarding Kush Sharma Photography.com and going for Creative Pad Photography.com.

The Jyotish was right after all.

Make of that what you will.


Kush Sharma

Click Trainers

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