New experiments with Automated Webinars and Facebook ads..

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I’m down with the damn flu again. Second time in the last 25 days.

My sanitized fingers are crossed.

But this period always presents me with an opportunity to try out new things.

This week has been pretty exciting since I have really started using automated webinars with full seriousness.

I had used them before but never really gave them priority.

You can check out my automated webinar here.

Till now I have had decent results.

Of course, automated webinars never convert as well as LIVE webinars but they are amazing for lead generation. I have generated almost 400 new leads in just 5 days and it’s currently converting at around 2-3 sales/day (with a high ad spend though).

The second thing I am experimenting with is creating ONE Facebook ad with multiple interests in it (called stacked interests).

Usually I create multiple ad sets with a single interest each to see which one does better.

But that often drains the budget quickly since you are allocating the same budget to each ad set.

So this time I am trying to put all the interests in one ad set and seeing if it performs well by letting the Facebook algorithm do its thing.

It’s been just a day but till now the results have not been good but then you really can’t say anything with Facebook ads till you let them run for 4 to 5 days at least.

If it works, it will MASSIVELY reduce my ad spend so I will definitely keep you updated.

And finally…finally….finally..I changed my Facebook page cover photo to something presentable LOL. Have a look at it here.

Another thing I’ll probably experiment with is mixing ginger honey lemon tea with Old Monk to fight this flu but I’ll keep the results of that to myself.


Kush Sharma

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