Is Blogging Dead Reclaim the Art of Sexy Blogging

Is Blogging Dead? How to Reclaim the Art of Sexy Blogging

Is blogging dead?

Yes, it is.

Is sexy blogging dead?

No, it’s not. And it never will be.

What is sexy blogging?

Sexy blogging is blogging which is not boring blogging.

The number one issue I see with online entrepreneurs is that when they start their blogs, they only stick to creating blog articles related to the technical aspects around their niche.

For instance, an online course creator who sells online courses related to stock investing tends to write articles only related to stock trading or investing.

There is nothing wrong in that. But there is definitely wrong in ONLY doing that.

If you’re my subscriber, I’m guessing you are like me – a solopreneur who is focused on building an online business around their personal brand.

And that’s where the issue lies.

If you are someone who is running things solo or with a small team, why are you writing your blog articles like a big boring company would?

If you have the time, just check out how big companies like Byjus or Teachable write their blogs. Their blogs can be used to cure any sleep problems.

Yes, your subscribers are definitely interested in those boring technical articles but there is another thing they are very interested in.

Can you guess what that is?


Yes, YOU!!!!!

When you come across as a personal brand, your subscribers don’t just want to associate with your niche. They want to associate with your personality too.

That’s why they have invested their time in you.

Because they are hoping you provide a kind of raw, real and unique excitement to them which the monotony of big boring companies cannot.

So here are a couple of points which you can follow to achieve the sexy blogger status:

First of all, screw engilsh and screw gramar

I misspelled those two words but you still understood them right?

A lot of people don’t even start a blog because they feel they are weak in English.

First of all, you can always blog in any laguage you want. As long as your readers are fine with it.

Secondly, as long as you are not absoultely and horribly butchering the English language, it’s perfectly ok to write gramatticaly incorrect blogs.


Because people don’t care.

Why don’t they care?

Because they care more about the points below.

Share things about your personal life too instead of always taking about your niche.

This point helps me not only in blogging but in my email marketing too.

In fact whatever you are reading in this article can be applied to your email marketing strategy too.

For instance, I recently got a new tattoo and I shared that experience with my email subscribers.

Even though it had nothing to do with my niche – which is creating and selling online courses.

But my subscribers loved it. Check out some of the replies I got below:

I actually ended up turning that email into a blog article which you can read here.

I got more replies to this email than any of the niche related technical emails I send to my subscribers even though that’s why they actually had initially subscribed.

But you have to understand that people love this kind of stuff once in a while.

Yes, there will be some subscribers who’ll probably not like it. That happens to me all the time too.

But that’s fine.

It doesn’t mean you are making a mistake in sharing personal things.

It just means those people are not a part of your journey.

But you staying true to your individuality is where the long game lies.

Write controversial things

If you have read my article on why I don’t watch TV, you’d know how much I hate the news.

But there’s one thing you can learn from the journalists of news channels and tabloids and even from the writers of gossip magazines.

That is the ability to write about things that can cause controversy.

Of course, the difference would be that unlike them you are writing something that is controversial AND valuable.

But remember here it’s better to write something related to your niche, not about your controversial views on politics or something else.

So for this point, stay within your niche. Be a bit of a rebel and be outspoken and against what is usually done in your niche.

If you plan to write something outside of your niche, then make sure that article leads to a moral or lesson that your reader can find valuable.

For instance, in my last blog article, I controversially declared that a very popular software among online coaches called Click Funnels is not needed at all. In fact not just that. I even declared that anyone using that software is a SCAMMER!!

Explain things using stories and be vulnerable

Story telling is a big thing in the blogging world nowadays and rightly so.

No one wants to read articles that sound like something out of a text book.

But explain that same concept via your personal story and they’ll love it.

For instance, I wanted to write an article on the importance of email marketing. But writing a text book like article would have been super boring.

Instead, I actually narrated the story of how my first ever marketing campaign to sell my first ever e-book failed miserably because I completely relied only on PPC ads and ignored email marketing.

And be absolutely vulnerable and open.

Your subscribers want to see the human side of you. They don’t want to always hear about you boasting about yourself.

Share your darkest days with them

Share things that you are ashamed of sharing.

They want to read about your failures too.

Reading about your failures doesn’t lose you respect. In fact they will respect you more because they will be able to relate and understand that it’s ok to fail and to be human.

When I wrote this article on how I used to feel like a fraud, I was very hesitant in sharing it because I felt I will lose a lot of subscribers.

But It actually turned out to be the one of the best performing articles on my blog.

Writing a “hero article” on your blog

There’s got to be one article on your blog which is called the Hero Article.

In this article, you will give out the secrets of your business or any other secrets that can add massive value to your subscribers.

It has to provide so much value to your reader that you should feel the pinch of giving so much valuable information for free.

For me, that is article is the one where I mention all the Resources, Tools and Software I use for running my Online Coaching Business. Just check the comments on that article and you’ll see how much people love a hero article that is selfless and valuable.

Usually Online Coaches don’t reveal the tools they use because it can compromise their advantage. But that’s exactly why I decided to give it away for free.

Do in your hero article which your competitors dare not.

It’s called a hero article because it is the number one article you point someone towards when talking about your blog.

For instance when somone becomes my email subscriber, this is the first article they get the link to.

Because this hero article removes any doubt in their mind about me.

Such a hero article will make you a hero in your subscribers eyes.

It will stay in their mind forever and this increases their trust in you.

And a subscriber who trusts you is bound to read other blog posts too.

Don’t worry about the length

There is no correct length.

Write from your heart.

Whether it’s 500 words or 5000 words, it doesn’t matter.

Your focus should be on the value the article gives.

But Kush, then won’t my SEO suffer if my article is not of the correct length?

Let’s tackle that in the next point

Don’t write for Google. Write for people.

The time for magically ranking on Google by doing some SEO voodoo magic is long gone by. You can read about this in detail in my article on the truth about SEO.

The correct thing to always do is to write only and only for your readers.

Write for humans, not machines.

And then send that article to your subscribers via email.

Don’t have subscribers?

Then start building your email list and follow a marketing funnel like how I show in Online Course Blueprint.

The time for shortcuts is gone.

You have to build your business like a proper business.

But also don’t get this point wrong. I’m not saying you should completely ignore SEO. Knowing the basics of keyword research certainly helps you not only in ranking your articles at a higher search position in Google but also in coming up for topics for your blog.

If you want to learn the basics of SEO and keyword research, I would highly recommend reading this article. This article explains things in the most easy-to-understand and crisp manner.


So is blogging dead?

Blogging will never die because the written word will never die.

No matter how much the world moves towards videos, reading will never go out of fashion because reading is the only means which allows someone to quickly skim through the points without having to feel stuck like in videos where you have to watch the entire video even if you increase the video speed.

So go out there and write from your heart.

Be authentic. Be raw. Be bold.

That’s the only path towards becoming the worlds sexiest blogger.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and your answer to the question – Is blogging dead?

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