What getting my new Tattoo taught me

Last Friday (26th March) I got a new tattoo on my leg. Here’s how it looks:

This tattoo took almost 6 hours (with a couple of breaks) and it was pure TORTURE with a capital T.

If you ever wanted to see a fully grown self proclaimed macho man cry like a little baby while holding his hair with both his hands, then that tattoo studio was the place to be.

4 hours into it I even started pleading the tattoo artist if we could quit. But he won’t let me.

I was just telling myself -“Aur hero ban. Mazze aa rahe hain ab?

But I got through that because in that pain, I just kept visualizing the final outcome. But still it was not easy.

I learned a couple of things from this one, even though this was my fourth tattoo –

The first thing I learned was that a lot of times the difficult situations that we face in our lives are from our own doing. From our own desires. Situations more serious than a painful tattoo. Always analyze these difficult situations to see if you can eliminate them by simply letting go of that stupid desire which is causing that situation.

The second thing I learned was that always love yourself enough to forgive yourself in any situation. The last hour of that tattoo was unbearable for me but I changed my thinking. Instead of blaming myself, I switched the voice. I told myself – “You did the correct thing Kush. This is a great learning experience. Let’s go through this.” Always be your own number one best friend.

The third thing I learned was that even though a trivial thing like a tattoo can be avoided, sometimes there will be painful situations which cannot be avoided in life. In those situations just know that you are way more stronger than you think you are. You will 100% get through it. I promise you that. I’ve faced such situations a lot in my personal as well as professional life and sometimes even I am amazed at my own will power which I thought I never had.

I hope this experience of mine helps you in a positive way.

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