“Kush, I’m not cunning enough!”

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Usually in my one on one sessions, I mainly deal with issues related to Online Coaching.

But last week, I had a different request.

One of my students took a session with me because he felt his personality was not “businessman like“.

He told me – “Kush, I am a simple person. I feel business requires you to be emotionless and cunning.

I could totally understand where he was coming from because back in 2012, I felt exactly like that.

I am from an Army family and no one in our family had ever been in business so even I had doubts like this when I started.

But trust me, most of my photography students worked with me exactly because of that. Some of them even told me that you did not appear “commercial” and that’s why we decided to come to you.

Because here’s what you have to understand and this is the advice I gave to this person:

You NOT being cunning and NOT being emotionless is your greatest strength.

Because by being cunning you can certainly win respect but not affection.

And nowadays, to win the trust and affection of your customers is the most important thing.

People (including me) are fed up of “shrewd and clever” business-minded people.

Because such people only think of money and are very selfish in their approach. That’s why majority of the internet marketing “gurus” get a bad name. Their whole approach is that of desperation.

And with that desperation, even if you gain success, you will lose yourself.

Remember, business is just a name given to barter.

How you barter is not so important as what you barter.

If you give solid value through your products and services, then there’s not need for any other drama.

You can completely be yourself and still do well.

Never ever trade your authenticity for anything else.

That’s the only barter you should avoid.


Kush Sharma

Click Trainers

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