Why the World Being Unfair is an Awesome Thing

There is a lot of commotion about the world being unfair. And for obvious reasons, this seems like a negative thing.

But if we go deep into this topic, we can start to see that this notion of the world being lopsided and to some people’s advantage can actually free us from lot of our troubles.

The problem with trying to overcome unfairness in the world is that it puts us under lot of undue stress because we are preparing for a battle that we can never win.

The world is unfair because that is the natural state of things.

All people cannot be equal.

Wishing for an egalitarian society is going against nature.

There’s always someone out there who will be stronger than you in one way or another and you can rest assured that that person will use that power to his or her advantage.

For example, we often feel hurt by what someone did to us and we think that because they hurt us, it’s unfair.

That person can be a friend, relative, spouse, etc.

Because I spend a lot of hours almost on daily basis working out of cafes, I overhear lot of conversations. And I’ve noticed a similar theme in majority of them, which is that most people are complaining about how someone close to them hurt them and how it is affecting their life negatively.

What you have to realise is that whenever you fall victim to this type of thinking, you aren’t thinking broad and deep enough.

You are not the only one who is hurt every time.

There are always more number of people whom you are treating unfairly too.

It’s just that you are not aware of it.

Why are you not aware of it?

Because that particular person whom you knowingly or unknowingly hurt does not affect your ego.

For instance, think of a poor person who’s struggling to make ends meet.

When such a person watches you live a moderately lavish life, they are bound to think about the world being unfair to them.

Indirectly, you have caused the notion of inequality to pop up in them.

But do you care? No.

This is true even with people who are close to you. If you stop and look, you’ll realise that there are plenty of things in your life that they can be envious of.

And you can bet they are.

But your focus is not on it. Because our attention goes to only that which we don’t have.

And what we don’t have is the upper hand on someone whom we feel has the upper hand on us.

That particular person is capable of pinching your ego, so your field of awareness gets narrow.

Such a person starts to make you feel the world in unfair, whereas you are doing exactly that to a much larger number of people yourself.

It’s just that you aren’t aware of that.

So you expend all your energy into getting the better of the person who wronged you.

But this is where you are fighting a battle that is already lost.

You see the person who usually gets the better of you is doing so because they are naturally stronger and more resourceful in whichever area they dominate you.

They have been able to see your weakness and are naturally taking advantage of it.

Think of it like this.

Let’s say a group of people decide to abandon society in pursuit of egalitarianism and occupy a remote island.

They set up rules which make sure everyone gets equal opportunities in every sphere of life.

Now rules are artificial but human nature is real.

There is bound to be at least one person who is smarter, stronger and more resourceful than the others.

How long do you think such a person will be able to resist the temptation to take advantage of the situation?

You may argue that such a person will not take advantage because he may be a nice person.

But that’s fantasy thinking.


Because an egalitarian society will always favour the weak and be harmful for the strong.

To understand this, let’s take another example:

Let’s say different animals get together and start something similar.

They all decide to live happily and in peace.

Now imagine the situation of a lion and a deer.

Whom do you think will benefit from this?

Of course the weaker animals.

In fact the stronger won’t be able to survive as you are eliminating their natural advantage.

A fair world can only exist at the expense of a hypocritical and unnatural society.

So why is the world being unfair an awesome thing for us?

It’s because it helps us change and move in the right direction.

You see whenever you feel you’re being wronged by someone, it just shows that you are fighting the wrong battle.

It just shows that you are not playing to your strengths.

Our deeply flawed education system makes us believe that strengths can one be measured linearly and in favour of mental capabilities.

But the truth is that your strengths can be measured across the whole canvas of life.

Someone can have strengths in emotional spheres, someone in logical, someone in creative and so on.

You have to figure out where you are naturally good at and then start suing your innate strengths.

Once you start to fight battles based around your strengths, you’ll find that you win most of them effortlessly.

In fact you’ve always been doing so. It’s just that you were not aware.

If only you could ask the people who envy you.

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