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Zapier is one very essential tool which you need when you need to connect two different apps or software which have no built-in integration.

For example, when I conduct my LIVE webinars, I need to connect my Convertkit account (Email marketing software) with the Google Contacts app so that when someone subscribes to my webinars, they also get added as a contact on my phone so I can add them to my WhatsApp group for webinar reminders.

In Online Course Launchpad, I even show you why this is important.

But today I want to tell you that you don’t need to use Zapier because it will cost you almost Rs.2300/month.

Instead, you can use Integrately, which is a competitor to Zapier and is actually an Indian company based out of Nasik (Go India!!!)

The best part is that you can use Integrately for free by using this trick:

  1. Sign up for a free account on Integrately
  2. On the left hand side, you will find one option that says “Refer and Earn“. Click on that.
  3. There you will find couple of options like inviting friends and getting free tasks. But the best option is the one where they give you 2000 tasks/month free for lifetime if you place their logo on your website.

2000 tasks are more than enough for anyone. Tasks basically mean the amount of times the integrations will get executed. Even at Rs.2300/month, Zapier only gives you 750 tasks/month.

If you scroll down to the bottom my my homepage at Click Trainers, you can see that even I have put their logo. And it doesn’t even look that bad.

Doing this allowed me to get rid of Zapier and saved me around Rs.2300/month in fixed costs.

Always remember that as an entrepreneur, looking out for quality opportunities to reduce your fixed costs (recurring costs) should always be your priority.

And using Integrately has done exactly that for me and I hope it will help you too.


Kush Sharma

Click Trainers

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