Don’t fight with Sumo Wrestlers..

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Suppose I told you tomorrow you had to fight the best Sumo Wrestler in the world.

What will be your reaction?

You certainly wouldn’t feel too warm and fuzzy, would you?

Yet, this is the single biggest mistake I see people make in the online coaching world.

They set up their coaching business in a way that they are setting up a fight with sumo wrestlers.

And this mistake is made when people choose their online coaching niche.

Let me give you an example.

Suppose you are a Maths teacher in the offline world.

Now you decide to go into online coaching.

The mistake you can make here is to simply start online classes related to Maths, just like you did in the offline world.

The moment you do this, you have set up fights with not just one but multiple sumo wrestlers.

Let’s see who these sumo wrestlers are:

If I was to go to Google and type in “Online Maths classes“, let’s see the sites that come in the top results:

  • Khan Academy
  • WhiteHat Jr
  • CueMath
  • Study.com
  • Toppr

These are multi-national companies with hundreds and thousands of employees.

They are the sumo wrestlers you are going up against.

How will you fight against them?

You have no chance.

No amount of motivation or pep talk can help you here.

So what is the correct approach?

The correct approach is to NOT fight sumo wrestlers.

Instead look around for the weakest and skinniest person and fight that person.

That’s how you win.

In the online coaching world, you do this by narrowing down your niche and selecting a niche where there are no sumo wrestlers, only weak and skinny people.

For example, here are Click Trainers, my niche is about teaching the skill of online coaching and that too specifically by creating pre-recorded online courses for passive income.

I literally have just three to four competitors in India who are doing this and they are all solopreneurs.

No sumo wrestlers to compete with.

This makes marketing and selling easier.

What you have to remember is that the average person’s mindset is such that they always like to buy from established brands.

So if you are competing in a niche with established brands, you will always be the last person they will consider when buying a course in that niche.

So you always have to narrow down your course topic to something which these big players are not offering.

That’s how you will stand out.

In Online Course Launchpad, I go into detail on how to select a niche properly and show you multiple techniques to choose a perfect profitable and narrow niche.

I hope this tip helps you.


Kush Sharma

Click Trainers

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