Online Coaches vs. YouTubers

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Do you know how much YouTube pays you for 1000 views of your video?

Rs.50 (on an average)

And that monetization is only possible once your have at least 1000 subscribers and also (and more importantly) 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months.

What does this mean in simple language?

It means two things:

1. Making money off YouTube is very very difficult

2. Even if you do make money, you have to consistently keep producing videos. The cycle never stops.

Compare this with the Online Coaching industry.

You create an online course.

You do it well. You do it ONCE.

You figure out a winning marketing funnel. This also has to happen ONCE.

Then you can afford to relax and watch your business grow.

No need for constantly creating new videos or social media posts.

You do the work once. You get rewarded forever.

Just an hour back, I received a notification of a sale of my DSLR Photography course, which I had released in September 2018.

That work got completed almost 3 years back and I’m still reaping the benefits from it completely passively.

This is why I love the online coaching industry.

I can’t believe that there was a point of time when I used to envy Vloggers, YouTube celebrities and Influences.

Nowadays whenever I look at an Influencer/Vlogger/YouTuber, the first thing that comes to my mind is STRESS.

Because I always imagine that these people cannot relax. They HAVE to keep producing stories, posts and videos to keep their viewers engaged and to grow their business.

If they stop, their business is finished.

Doesn’t that sound stressful?

In fact if you have been my subscriber for long, you would remember that last year I started an Instagram account.


I deleted the account within a month.

I simply can’t do anything that requires continuous posting and doesn’t give anything significant back for that effort.

In business, never do anything for the sake of attention. You should only do things that directly impact your business and add massive value to your customers.

I’m not saying you should not become a YouTuber or an influencer.

If that’s what you want and are passionate about, nothing should stop you from trying.

But as a friend and mentor, I can straight away tell you that don’t base your decisions in business on the initial enthusiasm you feel.

You always have to know the reality.

The reality of that industry is that you will have to produce content forever. Even on the days you don’t want to.

So don’t simply base a decision on passion. You have to think about it logically.

I still love YouTube and Instagram but I only use them to grow my coaching business via ads.

Remember, with me, I don’t give diplomatic advice.

I speak my heart out.

And if you are a beginner, my firm advice to you would be to stay away from any field that requires constant creation of content.

You deserve a better business.

And the Online Coaching business is certainly one of them.

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