don't try to be a perfect online coach

Don’t try to be a “Perfect” Coach

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One of the surest ways to fail as an online coach is to try to be a perfect coach.

A person who strives to be a perfect coach does the following things:

  • They take too long to develop their course because they want each video to be perfect
  • They worry too much about the accuracy of their course content
  • They worry too much about how their website looks and how good their logo is
  • They worry too much about how to price their course

I can go on and on.

The problem with being a perfect coach is that it only looks good in theory.

But in reality, a perfect coach is always unsuccessful because a perfect coach never gets started.

Perfectionism itself kills the perfect coach before they can even get started.

So what is the correct approach?

The correct approach is to be an Imperfect coach.

An imperfect coach does the following things:

  • Quickly create the course content and FINISH the course even if it is not of the highest quality.
  • Quickly create the videos even if you feel you taught something which is wrong.
  • Quickly develop ONE page one their website just for the course.
  • Quickly decide a price
  • Quickly create Facebook ads
  • Quickly start selling.

But Kush, then won’t my course be of bad quality?


It won’t be of bad quality.

It will just be imperfect.

But it will enable you to start selling and making income.

Here’s the important point you have to remember. Read this point carefully:


The statement above is so important that I want you to buy a mini-whiteboard and write that statement on it and stick it on your wall.

I’ll give you my own example.

Right now my course Online Course Launchpad is a complete course and it is almost perfect.

But this was not the case till even June 2021.

Before this it was called Online Course Blueprint which was an imperfect version of this course.

I sold that imperfect version for almost 1 year before I upgraded it and turned it into Online Course Launchpad, which is now a perfect course.

But even Online Course Launchpad keeps on improving every month.

This is how you have to approach things.

Start with the imperfect, quickly develop it and then turn it into something close to perfection. And then keep on making it more and more perfect.

I even changed the pricing of Online Course Blueprint more than 20 times in that 1 year.

Because that is how real life works.

Real life is not perfect.

Real life rewards imperfection and speed.

So embrace the imperfection and watch all your stress go away.


Kush Sharma

Click Trainers

P.S – Sometimes you may even feel like a “fraud” by taking this approach. This is called as the Impostor Syndrome. It’s very common among coaches. I have a detailed article on that topic too. Click here to read it.

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