Want to launch your online course? Avoid these CRUCIAL Mistakes

This 15 minute video will save you Rs.12 Lakhs in wasted money, 12 months in wasted time and 1200 grey hair because it will make you completely free of stress

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Here are the SIX MISTAKES that beginner online course creators make which you will be learning about in this video:

  • Mistake #1 - Creating your online course first and then looking for buyers
  • Mistake #2 - Running Facebook ads directly to your main course
  • Mistake #3 - Selling your online course at a very less price
  • Mistake #4 - Selecting a very broad niche for your online course
  • Mistake #5 - Choosing the wrong length/duration for your online course
  •  Mistake #6 - Being a perfectionist


This one video will completely change that way you ever thought about the online course business. It has the potential to change your life.

About Your Trainer (Kush Sharma)

Hello there. This is your trainer, Kush Sharma.

I'm an Online Entrepreneur and a Coach for aspiring Online Coaches.

My own online courses have been downloaded in over 150 countries.

I have been an entrepreneur in the education industry since 2013 and during this time I have taught thousands and thousands of students via my online courses, live webinars and physical workshops.

My mission is to break down the complexity involved in the process of launching an online course and make it so easy that even a complete beginner can successfully become an online coach in the least amount of time.

Wishing you all the luck!